The International Synergy in Energy, Environment and Tourism and the contribution of Information Technology to Science, Economy, Society and Education is the scope of the International Scientific Conference:

e R A / The SynEnergy Forum

The primary aims of the Conference are:

  • To establish an annual forum for brain storming and academic debate in the critical areas of information technology and its applications to Science, Economy, Society and Education.
  • To strengthen the collaboration between the institutions, mainly in the domain of postgraduate studies and research.
  • To attract other Universities, Organizations, Companies, Enterprises, Institutions or other bodies related to these areas of science and technology to participate in this procedure of improvement of the perspectives of international collaboration.
  • To offer to our students the opportunity to communicate with active researchers and gain knowledge from the experts.
  • To improve the curriculum searching for new methods, experience and applications that would be useful to our students, researchers and staff of public and private organizations.
  • To give to the students the opportunity to present their research and scholarly activity and have valuable discussions about the feasibility and applicability of several ideas and proposals.
  • To integrate the framework of collaboration extending it further to other domains of activity, such as teaching excellence and quality assurance.
  • To support, promote and disseminate scientific achievement.
  • To encourage creative synergy amongst the members of scientific, research and educational communities and their respective institutions.
A Joint Event this year is Symposium “Digital Cities”, that is organized by CDONet and EUENet. The main subject of the Symposium is referred to:
  • Models and Technologies for the Digital City including urban communication Infrastructure, broadband technologies, services for citizens, services for businesses, e-democracy, e-government, social network models etc.
  • ICT for regional and Inter-regional development including best practices from successful projects funded by regional development funds and INTERREG frameworks within the European Union and wordwide.

Main Topics of Interest Include:

Information Technology


Control Systems and Automation

Project and Production Management

Management and Business Administration

Production Technologies and Quality

Marketing, Accounting and Logistics

E – Commerce and Customer Relationship Management

Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials

Education, Research and Development Human Resources Management

Energy policy and development strategy

Market trends and barriers

Energy efficiency and energy transportation

Nuclear energy development prospective

Green power programs and marketing

State and local incentive programs

Green power programs and marketing

State and local incentive programs

Renewable energy standards credits and certificates

Interconnection and integration systems

National and regional energy security implications

Novel IT based control and management systems

International opportunities and challenges

History of energy efficiency technologies

Ancient renewable energy methods and tools

Tourism industry and ICT

End-use applications: Utility, Commercial and industrial, Residential, Distributed generation

International scientific tourism and public education of energy generation and distribution related issues

Novel Energy Technologies: Wind, Solar, Biomass & Biofuels, Hydro, Geothermal , Waste-to energy, Energy storage, Hydrogen and fuel cell, Hybrid systems